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Kayonza: Rose Muhando, Israel Mbonyi and Theo Bosebabireba to minister in a crusade organized by The Kalimba Family

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Kayonza: Rose Muhando, Israel Mbonyi and Theo Bosebabireba to minister in a crusade organized by The Kalimba Family

The Kalimba Family in collaboration with the Rwanda Interreligious Council (RIC) in Kayonza has organized Evangelistic crusade with the aim of encouraging people to find Jesus to relieve their burdens, especially those who will get salvation in these concerts are immediately given the pastors to take care of them.

These powerful gathering also have the purpose of fighting drug addiction among youth and fighting family conflicts by encouraging families on the best way to build a strong family and fighting prostitution and all other threats to Society of Rwanda.

In the article from Iyobokamana states that, the main purpose of these concerts is found in Matthew 11:28 which says "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest".

In the interview we had with the singer Kalimba Julius, the coordinator of this gathering, he said that every year The Kalimba community does such evangelistic activities with the aim of converting people to Jesus in different regions of the country.

He said: "The purpose of these concerts is evangelism with the aim of converting people to Christ Jesus where we work with the local church where we are going to work and in that way this year we are going to work in the eastern province of Kayonza and we believe that God has been with us.

And we in the years that have passed and in this year of 2023 will help us and will go well and we will clear the spoils and we will enlighten the king Jesus". Mr. Kalimba Julius continued saying that in this year 2023, the goals of these concerts include to fight against drugs and family conflicts.

He said, "These days in the Rwandan community, there is an increase in the divorce for married couples, not to mention that among the divorced couples there are Christians who belong to religions and churches;

So we think it is appropriate to conduct trainings and discussions aimed at continuing to train married people to live peacefully together because the family is the basis of So all of us in these concerts are scheduled for training and discussions aimed at building a community, fighting drugs, preventing unplanned pregnancies and vagrancy".

The coordinator went on to say that among the invited international singers who are popular in Rwanda and abroad, they are Theo Bosebabireba, Rose Muhando and Israel Mbonyi and the international evangelist called Apostle John Bunjo from Uganda.

He said, "The reason why we have invited singers that are popular with many people is so that people can come and listen to their favorite singers and we will also find a way to tell them the word of God, and the Holy Spirit will do its job to convince people of the way of salvation so that they give up their bad habits and turn to the king Jesus Christ".

The specialty of this gatherig there will be lottery, for bicycle and motorbikes, and this lottery will be held every day. He continued explaining He said, "Not only the singers attract people but we have also included a lottery for motorcycles and bicycles so that it also helps us to see people who come and follow the lottery and receive a good message and turn to the king Jesus Christ.

These crusade start from Friday, August 25, 2023 to August 27 this year, 2023, which will start from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (14:00-18:00). It will be held in Kayonza District at the University Football Stadium.

Tanga igitekerezo kuri iyi nkuru


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