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If you don’t or do these things, know that your Christianity was destroyed

Category: International News  »  3 weeks ago »  Jean d’Amour Habiyakare

If you don't or do these things, know that your Christianity was destroyed

Being a Christian means that you are determined to follow Christ, and you have to make some sacrifices, which is what Jesus called to take up the cross.

In Matthew 16:24, it is written: “Then Jesus Said to his disciples: ‘If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.”’

The things you need to do or not if you are called a Christian, are the following:
You need to be someone who knows God, so that people know it like how they know your name, or know it better than your name.

When you turn to God, your neighbors, friends, family and acquaintances will witness it. if someone forgets your name, they can use the words: "That one who always..." They add one of the things you do to worship God.

How are your friends? It is true, the Bible does not prevent us from talking to people who do not worship God, because we are in the world and there is no escape from them. But who are your friends?

There is an expression that says: "Tell me who you are walking with and I will know who you are," and the Bible says: "Associating with the wicked destroys good habits.” If you are a Christian, learn to choose friends, choose those who respect God, who love to pray, and who want to do what is right.

Live and preach. Calling yourself a Christian but not preaching the gospel, then you are not obeying the instructions Jesus gave to make disciples (“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19). These people among you who do not love God, teach them the Word of God as much as you can.

If you do something that preaches the gospel and then it becomes known, maybe you become famous, or you give a lecture in the assembly, you sing well, etc. and people thank you for it, never fail to show that it is the Holy Spirit who helped you. Show that you are an instrument, so the glory be to God.

Have an address and stay. Do not rely on those who say that no religion will take a person to heaven, so that they can find an excuse to go to meetings with others. The Bible commands Christians to gather together to make each other strong in faith.

If you feel that the church you live in is not taking you to heaven, you can change, or you can do what takes you there, because everyone will carry their own burden.

Accept the punishment. If you are a Christian, you should accept the advice given to you by church pastors and other Christians with humility, as long as you show a habit that does not please God.

If you feel that they are not worthy of giving you advice, and do not follow those given to you, you will be disrespecting Jesus, because he is the one who founded the church and he will not always be there face to face, but will work among the members of the church.

If you are a shepherd, find the sheep before they want you. The pastor is the one who must take the first step and get to know the members of the church, and know the help they need in a physical and spiritual way, so that he can find a sanctuary and help them.

You need to be a Christian who goes to church and prays. What you need is not for others to see that you went to church, what you need is to go there and approach God, even if no one will see you.

Your Christianity will be measured by your humility, and your zeal to do what God wants from your heart, without the pressure of people or other interests.

Tanga igitekerezo kuri iyi nkuru


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