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Israel Mbonyi has released the tickets to enter in his concert in Belgium - VIP is 50 Euros

Category: International News  »  3 months ago »  Jean d’Amour Habiyakare

Israel Mbonyi has released the tickets to enter in his concert in Belgium - VIP is 50 Euros

Israel Mbonyi, one of the artists who are considered number one in songs of worship and praise to God in Rwanda, has released the prices of tickets to enter the concert he will perform in Belgium in this year 2024.

This concert will take place in the capital city of Belgium, Brussels, on June 8, 2024, at Birmingham Palace, from 16h00 at Belgian time. In the normal seats, the entrance is 30 Euros (PREVENTE: 30 €), and in the seats of the rich it is 50 Euros (VIP: 50 €).

Due to the fact that currency prices are fluctuating, let’s use the prices that are often used, when they exchange Euros into Rwandan Francs. One Euro is equal to 1,392.27 Rwandans. Remember that it is an estimate, because if it is not equal to this, it will go under or over, even if it is not very extreme.

While in normal seats, 30 Euros in Rwandan Francs is equal to 41, 768.1, and in the seats of the great ones, where it is 50 Euros, it is equal to 69, 613.5 in Rwandan Francs. Surprisingly, the tickets can be bought and sold out, as it happened last year in 2023, when he performed there for the first time, also in the month of June, on the 11th.

In this year, it was announced by Karekezi Justin, representative of the ’Tema Production’ company that always invites artists. Last year, this man said that it has been more than 13 years since he organized concerts, but very few times he organized concerts, and the tickets sold out before them.

On March 7, 2024, Israel Mbonyi released the tickets, and he said: : "I can’t wait...", which means that he will be happy at the 8th of June, when he will be singing for them his favorite songs including Sikiliza which will help him fill the millions of subscribers on YouTube, Nina Siri which has won the hearts of many Africans, by especially the speakers of Swahili, Nitaamini, Baho, Icyambu and others.

Now, this man is being followed by over 975,000 on his YouTube channel ‘Israel Mbonyi’, and his first favorite song Nina Siri is watched over 38 million on the YouTube. His new song Sikiliza is watched by over 2 million in short time less than a month from its realize.

May be, this concert will be great like that he recently performed in Kigali BK Arena, where all tickets were sold out before the concert time.

Tanga igitekerezo kuri iyi nkuru


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